Stephen A Smith Reports Lebron Will “Talk” to the Warriors this Off-Season

As everyone’s probably seen/heard by now, Stephen A has reported that Lebron and the Warriors will “talk” this off-season. Alright Stephen A, but are they just talking? Or are they talking talking? There’s been times where I’ve talked to someone, and there’s been other times I talked talked to someone. Talk talk is like yeah baby, me and you forever or yeah baby, me Steph and KD can form the greatest core of any team EVER let’s see MJ and the Bulls try to play me. Very important information that we need you to clarify, Stephen A.

And if you think that the Warriors won’t approach Lebron about the possibility of joining Golden State, then you are a Grade A Idiot and you don’t deserve to ever have an opinion about anything ever again. Of course they’re gonna reach out somewhat and just be kind of like “hey bro…offer’s on the table…let me know” and why wouldn’t they? He’s debatably the best player in the world, and I feel like adding someone like that to your team would probably make it a little better. Even if you are already the greatest team of all-time.

And if Lebron does join Golden State? Ohhhhhhhh boy. The NBA would have no choice but to dissolve for 3-4 years. No point in playing during that timespan. Just give the trophy to Golden State at the start of each season and let them deny their visit to the White House.

But in all honesty, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Lebron went to Golden State. Sure he’s a coward and a fraud anyways, but he even said it himself a couple of years ago that he’s “chasing a ghost” and wants to catch MJ on the ring chart. This goes back to the Philly School Teacher article. Why work hard for it when you can just buy your way into it?? Saves a lot of time and effort. Have fun ruining the sport of basketball, Lebron.


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