Philly School Teacher Fired After Taking Bribes From Students for Good Grades

“PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia teacher has been fired for allegedly taking bribes from students in exchange for good grades.
WCAU-TV reported Tuesday the teacher worked at the Learning in New Contexts High School in the northern part of the city.
A spokesperson for Philadelphia Schools says the teacher was promptly removed from the school and both the Inspector General and Philadelphia Police have been notified.
The school district did not elaborate on what the bribes were.
An investigation is ongoing.”

You know how the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” but that one doesn’t apply here. How about “It’s not who you know, but who you blow”? Nah, doesn’t apply here either. Oh wait, I remember the quote now!

bribe quote

What do teachers do? They teach, right? It sounds like this woman was doing her job, and she was teaching kids how the real world works. If you want something in life, you either have to work hard to obtain it, or you have to pay someone off to get it much easier. For some that don’t have the money, what’s the big deal with putting in some hard work and effort? At the end of the day, you have your pride and you’re much prouder of what you have accomplished because you WORKED for it. And if you have the access to money, what’s the big deal with using it to get what you want? It’s your money, spend it however you want. Because guess what, you now have whatever it is that you wanted but you got to save all the time that you would’ve wasted when you would’ve had to work for it. “Oh but they won’t appreciate it. They didn’t work for it. They just had it handed to them.” Do you think rich people really appreciate anything? They don’t. They just have to flaunt their money and throw it around however they want. The only reason they do anything is just to prove that they’re better than us. THAT’S what they appreciate. Knowing that they’re better than us.

So do these kids really care about their grades or education? Hell no. They might care some about their grades, but that’s just because they know that if they didn’t bring home that squeeky clean, then that means they’d probably spend their summer grounded and locked in a closet like I did my sophomore year summer (exaggerated). So they didn’t want to work for it, because it’s a waste of time, and they had the access to the money so why not just buy it? $20 for an A, $35 for 2 A’s, it’s called buying in bulk! The teachers did these kids a favor by teaching them how to be a consumer in our economy. So everybody did their job here at the end of the day. The students get their grades. They learn how life works. The teacher teaches (unconventionally). And she gets some extra walking around money. Was it against the standards of what’s morally right or wrong? Sure. But are there any REAL moral standards when it comes to money? Free the Teach.


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