Kyler Murray, an “amphibious” catcher, and a draft recap

As I waited and waited for the MLB draft to start, it was still up in the air as to who the #1 pick would be. Casey Mize went #1 overall (as I predicted) but there were reports that anything was possible and he would fall to second or third. He ended up going first and I predicted the top four picks. So basically I’m a genius. Then it came down to my beloved Cincinnati Reds to draft Brady Singer and make me a perfect 5-5. Much like how they do to me every night, they ripped my heart out and skipped over Singer as did 17 other teams (he was taken 18th by Kansas City). We’re going to talk about Bo Jackson 2.0 aka Kyler Murray, other draft picks and how they will benefit the teams that drafted them. Shoutout to my Ole Miss boys that got drafted like Ryan Rolison, Nick Fortes, Brady Feigl, James Macarthur, Ryan Olenek, and Will Golsan.

Kyler Murray

Murray is without a doubt the most talked about draftee from the first round. He is projected to be the starting QB for Oklahoma in the fall, but was taken ninth overall by Oakland. Kyler has a huge decision to make as to what he wants to do but how in the world can you pass up that money. That’s not just any normal draft pick, that is number nine overall cash we’re talking about. Playing QB at Oklahoma would be awesome and all, but I can’t see him staying and doing that. As of right now however, his plans are to stick in Norman and be the QB. I will post further updates with his plans as they occur.

Anthony Seigler

The switch hitting, and SWITCH THROWING catcher (yes I said switch thrower) was drafted out of Cartersville High School in Georgia. Now Seigler has some major salad which he unfortunately has to cut due to being drafted by the Yankees. Even though he’s still 18 years old, he plans to forgo his commitment to Florida and make his transition to the bigs ASAP. Seigler hopes to follow in the footsteps of the Yankee catching greats. Expect a September 2019 call-up, if that.

Brady Singer

As I wrote in my pre draft post, Singer is a stud and I had him going top 5. I think just about everyone had him going top 5. He didn’t pitch that much for the last month of the season because of a hamstring injury but I did not think that would hurt his stock. It appears it did because he was drafted 18th overall by the Royals who if you ask me, got an absolute steal. This was a very good pickup for them because they were weak in the pitching department to begin with. They also drafted his roommate, Jackson Kowar. Kowar had a 25-6 career record at Florida and for KC to get both of those guys, is a scary, scary pickup. They got two future aces IMO.

Ryan Rolison

My guy Ryan Rolison was taken 22nd overall by Colorado. I haven’t seen him release any public statements about being drafted yet, but the dude has to be stoked. He had an awesome year for the rebels and during the SEC tournament, pitched in front of 30+ scouts and also in front of Theo Epstein. In my opinion, he’s the best left handed pitcher in the country. I think the SEC had two of the best lefty’s in the country when you include John Doxakis from Texas A&M. I don’t think John is draft eligible though. Rolison will shoot way up in their top prospects list and already has a big league slider. A slider that was rated #1 in the country. I don’t expect him to get above A ball this season but my man Ryan is a beast and I wouldn’t be surprised.




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