Forbes Releases Highest Paid Athletes-I Challenge Floyd Mayweather

forbes highest paid

First off, I just find it hilarious that Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford are on this list. They both just recently got mega huge contracts and are Top 10, debatably Top 5 Quarterbacks in the league, but they really don’t deserve to be in the same breath as the Top 8 on this list.

Secondly, three soccer players on this list just show how popular the game is in the world even though most Americans do not embrace it. In fact, if you asked me to name 10 soccer players these three would be on the list, and then of course Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, and Tim Howard would have to be on there too. David Beckham. I think the guy that bites people’s name is Suarez. That’s all I got. But after seeing how much you all rake in, I’ve made a life decision. I’d like to officially announce that I am committing my life to tricking a girl that’s good at soccer into marrying me. When that lil person shows up 9 months after our marriage, we’re gonna ship it overseas and let their academies train Ace Jr (AJ, for short) APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED NOW

Lebron being on the list doesn’t surprise me. That guy gets so much action off the court that he’d be able to donate his entire NBA Salary and still be able to make the Top 10 (just a guess, I did no research). Steph is the basketball surprise for me, but he must get enough Under Armour money and other random commercial money to help him scrape by.

Good job Federer, I guess really good tennis players make a lot of money. But you’re the only one on this list, so you must be the only one that is any good. McGregor, if I remember correctly, you haven’t had a UFC fight since late 2016. You fought for 36 minutes last August against Floyd Mayweather Jr, and you’ve been able to bring in $99million. Not too bad. But that brings me to my next point.

36 MINUTES OF FUCKING WORK AND YOU MADE HOW MUCH FLOYD????????????? This is absolutely ridiculous. Unheard of. Brilliant! Amazing! But you know what, Floyd? You could never have too much money. So let’s maybe work together?

You can be Apollo Creed giving a no name underdog a shot, and that’s me. I’m your Rocky, Floyd. The cherry on top to add to your magnificent career. You can have 80% of the purse, Win Lose or Draw. I just want 15% of it to help cover medical bills and partying leading up to the fight/after the fight. And then the other 5% for my personal gain.

What do you say, Floyd? Why not attempt to make it 51-0? And then maybe a sequel that you could let me win? It worked for Apollo and Rocky, and I think it might work for us too.


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