The Stars of Game 4

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals occurred last night in Washington as the Caps took a 3-1 series lead, defeating Vegas 6-2. But the Stars of the Game? Without a doubt has to go to Max Scherzer and Ryan Zimmerman. The Washington Nationals stars showed up to support their city in full hockey gear, and they without a doubt willed the Caps to victory. The duo was even named Fans of the Game, and were shown on the jumbotron frequently throughout the game.

fans of the game

The Benedict Arnold of the Game? Bryce Harper. If I’m the city of DC, I am furious that Bryce chose to support his hometown team. I’m calling for this guys head, knowing that he’ll be a free agent at the end of the season anyways. The Nationals fans need to come together and demand that Bryce is traded immediately to the Cincinnati Reds for next to nothing, and part of the trade must require Harper to sign a 10 year contract for the league minimum. I think that’s the only way that DC can move past this situation while forgiving their former superstar. Just give him to the Reds.



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