Danny Ainge is Now One of My Favorite Athletes Ever

During my tumble through the deep portal of YouTube last night after the Caps started destroying Vegas, I stumbled across this video expecting it to be one long incident. Instead, I stumbled across 16 minutes of pure badass. Danny Ainge was only 6’4″, which is tall for an average human, but kind of short for a professional basketball player. Seeing the little guy standup to everyone and not being scared of shit was/is amazing. And Ainge hitting Mario Ellie in the face with the ball is also now a Top 3 moment for me in NBA history.

Watching this video reminded me a lot of those backyard basketball days with my father. Good memories of having my legs taken out on layup attempts, or getting pushed down the hill after going for a loose ball. Man, I would do anything to go back to the old days.


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