NBA Off-Season Drama: Thunder Edition



steven adams melo

Steven Adams sending a subliminal “Fuck You” to Carmelo Anthony with the like on someone’s random Instagram comment. Anyone who watched the Thunder this year, especially in the playoffs, knows that Melo has regressed significantly. A former superstar who is now basically just an above average role player. Is he still good? Yeah, he could help score some nights. But he’s extremely inconsistent now, and I think it’s safe to say that the experiment of PG13 and Melo didn’t workout the way that the Thunder had hoped it would.

If I’m the Thunder, I’m doing everything I can to try to bring back Paul George while trying to move Carmelo. By eliminating Melo, you’re helping create more shot attempts for PG13, and even Russ. I think it’s safe to say that Adams agrees with me.


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