Lebron is Financially Irresponsible, Sets Bad Examples for Kids

lebron clothes

Well folks, here it is. A complete broken down chart of the cost of Lebron’s outfit from Game 1 of the NBA Finals. $46,964.95!!!! That’s a lot of money just to lose a basketball game. Assuming that Lebron wears a $46,964.95 outfit every day means that Lebron’s outfit costs $17,142,206.80. Shame on you, Lebron James! SHAME ON YOU! Lebron’s irresponsible spending has undoubtedly inspired kids all over the world to dip into their personal savings and splurge. Kids are getting credit cards now and maxing them out in a week just to try to be like Lebron. It’s disgusting, and we shouldn’t be appropriating this behavior! And then Lebron decided to follow up this disgusting act by showing up in some more shorts last night.


It’s just a damn shame what this world has come to.


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