Denver FBI Agent Kills it in Dance Off, Accidentally Shoots Someone in the Process


Over the weekend, an FBI agent in Denver was maybe in an undercover dance off. To help make sure that he won at all costs, ole dude had to pull out the backflip. To be fair, he completely nailed out. With moves alone, I give the guy an 8/10. But his score is really boosted thanks to the use of his prop (a gun). The gun falls off the guy when he executes the backflip, and then when he reaches for it, it ACCIDENTALLY (still a chance this was on purpose and maybe he was aiming for a guy they were about to arrest) goes off and hit someone. From the shot angle, I’m guessing the bullet probably hit the guy in like the ankle or something. Nothing serious. But how about the balls on this FBI guy to just walk off with his hands up like “Hey, it wasn’t my fault. You saw the gun was about to go off, you should’ve moved.”

I’m not sure if this guy has been fired or if he’s resigned yet. Either way, he has no choice but to move to a town like Parker, South Dakota, or maybe somewhere even worse.



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