*Breaking* Lebron to stay in California, not fly back to Cleveland.

Obviously this is fake news, or is it……? Lebron might as well at this point because this series is a rap folks. Warriors beat that ass by at least 20 or so (I say that because I started writing this with about 3 minutes left). Cavs hung around the first half but like the Warriors always do, they go on a crazy run where Steph started hitting threes from the concession stand. He was phenomenal tonight and really is a treat to watch when he is feeling it.

This game really showcases how much Lebron gets disrespected by the refs. There was one play where he completely got undercut by Curry and nothing was called, also didn’t get any calls going to the rim. You could tell Lebron had a look tonight of what the hell do I do? He put his teammates in position for wide open looks…. Jeff Green or George Hill brick. He drives to the basket…. gets hacked by Draymond and no call. Going back to Cleveland will help and the Warriors might get bored one game but this is over.

I called Warriors in 6 but I’m changing to Warriors in…. let’s say 2. It’s over Warriors are your 2018 “world” champions.


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