Would You Rather Watch The NBA Finals or The NHL Finals

As I sat and watched the Golden State Warrior’s bend over the Houston Rockets in the second half of the Western Conference Finals my stomach got sick.  First off, every bit of hope I had for Lebron and the Cavs to win the finals diminshed right away when I saw the fucking Warriors raise that trophy.  It’s terrible what the NBA has come too.  Second off, as the NBA, how do you even fucking let two of the same teams in the finals four years in a row? Like Adam Silver needs to find the basketball version of Paul Crewe, put him on the Warriors or Cavs, and have him take the last shot of whatever game seven he is in for gods sake.  Then Lebron and Klay are going to have the balls to come out and say some shit like “don’t get mad y’all can’t beat us” and later on in Lebron’s interview a reporter asked him if he was upset he had to play the Warriors again knowing damn well that dude is going up against the modern day Goliath of the NBA.  But, he goes by saying “he beleives his team.”  Well Lebron, no one else does.  So what is the point to watch, Warriors are going to win in 5.

I say that to say this, even though I have no clue what is going on, I will be taking my well sought after Finals opinions over to the NHL.  I mean come on now thats exciting! You got a team who hasn’t ever won a Stanley Cup Finals and has existed since 1974 in the Washington Capitals and then you have a fucking first year franchise shitting all over their haters and making it to the Cup in the Vegas Golden Knights.  And just tonight the Caps put up 2 goals in the second period to tie the series 1-1.  Like I said, I have no clue how to play hockey or even stand up on ice skates.  But you give me 2 teams battling it out for their franchise’s first Stanley Cup Final.  I can drink a beer to that my friend.  So I challenge you readers, stand up to the NBA and their abuse of the sport of basketball in a whole, and come on over and watch men on skates, fucking each other up, showing real passion to their sport and their fans in a whole.  Thats hockey, shit that’s even America! Fuck off Canada!


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