What is Wrong with Michael Kopech?

If you follow baseball, you know who Michael Kopech is. He is currently the number nine prospect in all of baseball and is in the Chicago White Sox organization. Along with Yoan Moncada, he was the prized possesion of Boston up until the both of them were traded. From the time he was drafted, Kopech has been a head case. He was suspended by Major League baseball in 2015 for taking a banned substance. In 2016, he broke his hand in an altercation with a teammate. Now don’t get me wrong, this dude is a stud and is a straight fireballer. He has everything, but why can’t he piece it all together?

For one, he can’t throw strikes. Kopech has been known all throughout his career for not being able to find the zone. It’s like he throws so hard that he just lets go and has no idea where it is going. This is the contributing factor of him getting to the show. His velocity is absurd. Having already being clocked at 105 mph in his career, he knows a thing or two about throwing gas. If throwing more strikes means slowing down his fastball for better control, why not do it? Kopech is currently 2-2 with a 3.86 ERA. While striking out 68, he also has 25 walks. He has thrown a few gems already this year, but also has had some bad starts.

The other thing holding him back is his maturity. As I mentioned earlier, Kopech is still only 22 years old. He is known to have a huge social media prescence mainly due to his ex girlfriend, Brielle Biermann. His fight with a roommate also doesn’t help his case, but the White Sox main concern of him is how much he has matured since coming to the organization and if he’s ready to be a winner. Due to his inability to consistently locate, don’t expect him to be on the roster this season. The White Sox already have great young pitching talent and they are going to make sure he’s all in before giving him the bump up to the show.



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