Ace’s Picks of the Day: 5/31/2018

Yankees -170, and Yankees -1.5 (-125) @ Orioles

The streak of betting against the Orioles continues, as I’m taking the Yankees and Sonny Gray to start off the night. The Yanks are coming off back-to-back series wins against the Angels and Astros, and I expect them to roll over Baltimore this series. I’ll probably bet on them every game over the next few days.

Cubs -164 @ Mets

It’s like every time I pick whoever the Mets are playing I lose. Whenever I pick the Mets, they lose. I can’t win with or against these guys. But now that half their team is basically on the DL, I’m taking Jose Quintana and hoping that the Cubs lineup shows up today after being held to 1 run yesterday.

Warriors -12.5 vs Cavaliers

I could see the Warriors going into the half tonight up by 7-8 points, and then just absolutely letting hell rain down on the Cavs in the 3rd Quarter. Plus, you’re crazy if you don’t think I’m not cheering for Lebron to get blown out in every game this series.



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