NBA Finals Preview Cavs/Warriors Volume 4

A matchup as old as time. Cavs and Warriors. Lebron vs Steph. Love vs Draymond. Lue vs Kerr. Cleveland vs Silicon Valley, I mean this is the matchup we all really wanted right? I see a lot of people complaining that they are tired of seeing these teams meet up every single year, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. Excuse me if I like seeing one of the greatest players ever and one of the greatest teams ever square off. As a basketball purist in myself (not to brag) it’s like a wet dream.

First off let me just say I think the Warriors are by far the better team most certainly. I know that’s really going out on a limb right? At the same time however I have a feeling this series is going to be competitive, but not competitive at the same time if that makes senses. I feel like Lebron is going to keep all of these game close, but may only win one or two. You can’t deny Lebron is just playing on another level these playoffs, almost out of anger that the rest of his team sucks and knows he no longer has to live in Cleveland in a couple weeks.

I’m gonna go ahead and call a gentleman sweep in this series. Warriors in 5. The matchups are just gonna be too much for Tyronn Lue’s brain to handle. We are living in the Warriors dynasty folks. Might as well get used to it because it’s not going away for a while.


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