FC Cincinnati Announces Expansion to MLS (Declaring My Fandom/Fanship)

First off, I need someone to tell me if Fanship is a word. Secondly, which would I use? Fandom or Fanship?

FC Cincinnati has officially been accepted to become Major League Soccer’s newest team, and I am now officially FC Cincinnati’s newest fan. Soccer is something I never really kept up with, unless it was the World Cup (need a country to cheer for this year, send suggestions). I’ve never had anything against soccer, I just don’t know anything about it. I’m good at FIFA, though.

But after FC Cincy’s latest announcement, I think it’s time for me to become a fan. I could’ve always been a fan of the Columbus Crew, but I refuse to cheer for anything from that awful city. I could’ve cheered for Louisville City FC in the USL, but I don’t really like the city of Louisville either. So, that left me with FC Cincinnati, who is Louisville’s rival in the USL. I would’ve gladly cheered for FC Cincy, but I didn’t have a way to watch the games or keep up with the team other than social media. But after finding out the games are on ESPN+ and they’re moving to MLS, I feel like I have to dedicate myself to becoming a fan to support the city of Cincinnati, God’s Gift to the World.

So to all my fellow fans, thank you for accepting me. Be patient with me as I know nothing about soccer or our team. But I’ll get there with your help.

I’m also declaring myself as the unofficial official voice of FC Cincinnati, so thanks for the support.


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