I Wouldn’t Be Surprised if Rizzo Got Plunked Tonight

I’m sure everyone has seen Rizzo’s slide into Pirates catcher Elias Diaz by now, and if you haven’t, watch this.


I don’t have a problem with the slide at all. Yeah it’s obvious he’s sliding well in front of the plate, but he’s breaking up a double play with the bases loaded. He’s making sure his team wins. Luckily, Diaz was ok. Just a bit shaken up. But the umpires reviewed the play, and guess what. They said Rizzo didn’t break the rules. So then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with what he did.

When Rizzo stepped to the plate in the 9th, he was showered with boos, which he followed up with a 2 RBI single. Sure the Pirates were down 5-0 when Rizzo came to the plate in the 9th, but why hit him intentionally and load the bases? I wouldn’t be surprised if Rizzo was plunked tonight though. As long as it isn’t a critical situation, I truly believe that the Pirates will respond and plunk the guy.

Was Rizzo’s slide wrong? (No) And would him getting drilled be wrong? (No) Protecting your teammates is a baseball tradition unlike any other.


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