Cassius Marsh, Please Shut Up.

I’m sure everyone’s seen Cassius Marsh’s comments about how he didn’t have any fun in New England, and how it made him hate football. The Patriots traded for Marsh just before the season started, which looking back on was an awful move by Belichick.

The guy only recorded 19 tackles in 9 games while only recording 1 sack. He was basically nonexistent, and it sounds like he wasn’t having fun because he was kinda sucking.

You’re a professional football player, and you’re talking about how you didn’t have any fun. You’re getting paid 6 figures, now 7 figures, to play football..and you’re talking about how you aren’t having any fun. You’re playing for the New England Patriots, one of the best dynasties in NFL History, and you aren’t having fun. I’m sure almost everyone else was having fun winning. Winnings always fun. It isn’t fun having to put the work in while grinding your way to the top. If putting in the work was fun, wouldn’t everyone be winners? That’s why there’s losers in this world, because working isn’t fun so losers don’t work. They just expect everything to be handed to them while just putting in “trying to get by” effort.

Oh, and did you see him try trashing the Patriots secondary a couple of days ago? Talking about how Jimmy Garoppolo used to shred the Patriots secondary in practice. Like ok, cool. I get trying to hype up and build up your quarterback. But again, another shot at the Patriots because it sounds like he’s salty he got cut. That’s all it is. He wishes he was still a Patriot but he isn’t, so he’s just trying to project these made up beliefs that he didn’t want to be a Patriots so he won’t feel as bad about himself.


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