Should Lebron be criticized or praised for his finals appearances?

Another year, another Lebron James finals appearance. Death, taxes and Lebron James in the finals i think is how the saying goes. This makes 9 finals appearances for Lebron and while that sounds like an amazing accomplishment and should be looked at that way, it could be used as a way to disprove him as the GOAT when his time playing basketball is over. Lebron is sitting at a 3-5 record in NBA finals currently, but is staring a potential sixth lose right in the face with either Houston or Golden State most likely to be favored to win the series.

You can’t deny Lebron has been an absolute machine these playoffs. Taking a glorified rec ball team to the finals while having dominating performances night after night. This is the Lebron I will remember when his time is done. Of course Lebron haters will use his finals record against him, but if that is the only thing you have to your argument I think you just answered your question as to who really is the GOAT.


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