If You Could Go to Dinner with Anyone in the World, Who Would it Be?

This is a question that people ask themselves a lot, right? They think about how they’d spend this one meal with anybody in the world. Some may answer with their deceased parents, and how it’d be good to see them again. Some may answer with that long lost friend from high school, so they could catch up and reminisce on the old days. Some may say something corny like their wife or their children, just so they can have more time to bond. And some, like me, answer with their brain. They sit there and think “Who was my hero growing up?” or “Who would I have the most fun with?”. And after thinking long and hard, I’ve chosen to use my night for dinner with Charlie Sheen and Johnny Manziel.

We’d go to some 5 Star Restaurant and chatter about all of our good times in life, exchanging awesome story after awesome story. We’d be there all night telling awesome stories until they kicked us out. We’d probably have a bill for like $3k from all the wonderful food and expensive food we ate, but we’d just tell them to throw it on our tab because we’ll probably be back tomorrow.

Now, I know I said that you’d be choosing this person or these people to go to dinner and dinner only with, but c’mon. Me, Charlie, and Johnny are #BadBoys. You really think we follow rules? We’d go clubbing that night and probably stay out until 7-8 in the morning. We’d buy bottles on top of bottles while we spend our night with the hottest women, and we’ll also tell all of our cool stories over and over again just to impress them. By the time we stumble out of the last club early that next day, they’d probably invite me to come hangout at their mansion or pool party, which I’d have to respectfully decline. I’m sure they’d understand that I have to get on my laptop so I can pump out some blogs for, and that I don’t have time for fun all the time. I tell them I’ll hit them up soon for dinner again the next time I’m in town, and I then ride off into the sunset looking like the hero/cool guy I am.

Who would you choose and why?


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