Ace’s Picks of the Day: 5/28/2018

First off, Happy Memorial Day. Now let’s make some money.

Astros -138 @ Yankees

Love Verlander on the mound today against Domingo German. And the Astros own the Yankees. Starting the day off with a W.

Red Sox -180 vs Blue Jays

Price is due a good start. Plus I just got a feeling that the Sox lineup is about to explode today. Might score like 25 or something ridiculous.

Nationals -144 @ Orioles

The Orioles are throwing Alex Cobb *laughing emojis* 1-6 with a 7.32 ERA. Gio takes the mound and we’re 1-0 when we publicly bet on him this year. Bryce homers twice today.

Angels -166 @ Tigers

Pretty even matchup between Tyler Skaggs and Matthew Boyd. I’m giving the advantage to the Angels because of their lineup.

Indians -202 vs White Sox

I bet on the Cubs against the Indians. Cleveland fucks me over. I bet on the Indians against Houston, the Indians fuck me over. Giving Cleveland one last shot against the God Awful White Sox. After today we’ll be calling them the WINdians, haha.

Warriors -6.5 @ Rockets

Even if Chris Paul does play tonight, the Warriors are going to win by 10+. Just more overall talent (duh) and it looks like they’ve finally woken up. If there’s no CP3 tonight, then Harden will play horrendous since he’ll have to try to be the facilitator while still getting his shots up. If CP3 does play, then he’s just gonna get exploited all night due to only having one leg. Warriors by a lot.


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