Brew Review

Country Boy Cougar Bait:

Friday evening after working all day, and all I wanted was a beer. I always depend on ole’ reliable–my Natty Lights. A trip to the liquor store meant eyeing every brand of beer they had in stock. I wanted to change it up, of course on a Natty Light budget.

Country Boy Cougar Bait seemed like a bit of a splurge for me, but it was pay day so fuck it. I couldn’t wait to get home, crack one open, and start my weekend, beer in hand.

It’s always good to try new things right? WRONG. It was awful. Coming from me, that must really mean something considering, I’ll drink any beer from just about anywhere. Low and behold, I finally found one I won’t be buying again.

I spent money on a six pack of beer that tasted like it had been sitting in the summer sun for a week, all to realize I hated it at first sip.

Dale’s Grade: D+


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