The greatest Dual Threat QB of all time

I’m sure I would make a lot of you happy if I told you my answer was Michael Vick. And as a Panthers fan, you would probably think my pick was Cam Newton (fair argument). Not the case.

I’m going to give you a set of statistics and let you be the judge on who was better.

Exhibit A: 13 years in the league, 22,464 passing yards, 133 TD’s, 6,109 rushing yards, 36 TD’s, 42 YPG, and 7 yards per attempt.

Exhibit B: 13 years in the league, 33,124 passing yards, 232 TD’s, 4,239 rushing yards, 43 TD’s.

We’re not just talking about the greatest rusher in the quarterback position, we’re talking about the greats Dual Threat. Now you can tell me all the fairy tale stories you want about how Vick’s career got cut short and how he missed years of his prime, but i won’t bear it because he did it to himself, and those are, in fact, his CAREER stats. You can definitely throw Randall Cunningham in the mix, but Exhibit B has more touchdowns and more total yards than him.

If we were talking most electric and most fun to watch Quarterback of all time, I’d hand the torch over to Vick.

So without further hesitation i present to you the greatest Dual Threat QB, Steve Young.


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