If You Had to Eat One Fast Food Meal for the Rest of Your Life, What Would it be and Where’s it From?

I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking and soul searching lately. I’ve been asking myself the tough questions in life, just trying to find myself. I’ve been dealing with this one for the past day or two, and I just wanna hear what you all think. So imagine this situation.

Some kind of crazy ass hypothetical happens, or something just weird in general happens, and you’re left with only one source of food and it’s from the only restaurant in the world that survived (it’s fast food). This fast food has unlimited of this certain meal, and it just automatically replenishes. You have to stay at this fast food restaurant and eat this meal for the rest of your life.

I considered Wendy’s and the Baconator. Such a delicious burger. Probably the best fast food burger out there (embrace debate). This was my answer. But there’s no way that I can eat those Wendy’s fries for the rest of my life. So bad. Sea salt my ass. Dull ass, underwhelming fries. I just couldn’t do it for the rest of my life.

So then I moved on to my 2nd option, and it’s the one I’m going with. The OG of Fast Food Burgers. The Big Mac (no pickle, of course). The Big Mac is consistently delicious, much like the Baconator. But as an overall meal, McDonald’s fries just absolutely destroy Wendy’s. So yeah for the rest of my life, I would eat the Big Mac meal, and I would be pretty happy doing it.


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