Chris Paul Ruled Out for Game 6, the Warriors Advance to the NBA Finals AGAIN

It has came out that Chris Paul will miss Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals due to a hamstring injury, but I think everyone knows he will try to play in Game 7 but that lil hamstring won’t be able to hold up.

The Warriors now win Game 6 at Oracle, probably easily. The series will then conclude in Houston and I expect Paul to return but definitely not at full strength, so it’ll basically be James Harden and two alright players in Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza trying to beat the Golden State Warriors (don’t forget they have four All-Stars).

This was basically the NBA Finals, and it sucks to see that the series will be impacted in such a negative way due to Paul’s injury. I believe that Golden State was going to win Game 6 even if the Rockets did have Chris Paul, and Game 7 would’ve at least been close. But now that he’s out it’ll be a massacre and the streets shall run red with Rockets Blood.


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