Ace’s Picks of the Day: 5/25/2018

Indians -148 vs Astros

Without a doubt the game of the night in baseball and probably the most important game in the city of Cleveland tonight. The Astros beat the Indians 8-2 last night but tonight they face Kluber, so the Astros definitely aren’t scoring 8 again and they might not even have 8 hits tonight. The Astros are throwing Keuchel, but hopefully that Cleveland crowd can get him rattled.

Nationals -270 @ Marlins

If the Nats don’t win tonight against the Marlins with Scherzer on the mound I promise to never gamble again and I will kick a baby.

Mets -133 @ Brewers

Two nights ago the Mets blow their 1-0 lead in the 8th and I lose my parlay before it even gets started. Last night I bet on the Brewers for revenge and the Mets absolutely smoked them. So after fucking me over two nights in a row, I’m betting on them tonight with Thor on the mound.

Celtics +7 @ Cavaliers

I refuse to ever cheer for Lebron so I have to bet on the Celtics and hope they cover. Might even throw some on the Celtics ML as they have a chance to closeout the series tonight and move on to the NBA Finals.

Reds +158 @ Rockies

Daily Reds pick. Big Sal on the mound and if I remember correctly he performed poorly his last start. I expect him to bounce back tonight and the Reds are probably going to the World Series this year. FREE PETE.


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