Ohtani Won’t Pitch Sunday vs Yankees due to “Workload Management” Reasons

Ohtani was originally supposed to pitch Sunday against the Yankees, but Mike Scioscia has announced that he won’t citing workload management reasons.

To me, it sounds more like confidence management reasons. Sounds like they don’t wanna strut the kid out there, let that Yankees lineup destroy him, and him lose all of his confidence while he sits in the dugout between innings and watches Masahiro Tanaka throw a great game (since I’m predicting it, I’m gonna bet on the Yanks on Sunday now).

I feel like all I’d have to do is get in touch with Ohtani’s translator and tell him that Shohei’s a pussy. If someone calls you a pussy then you legally have to do whatever it is that you were being too big of a pussy about to do. That’s just how the code of ethics work in manhood.

We were promised a marquee matchup of Ohtani vs Tanaka and the Yankees, and I will make sure we get it.


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