The NFL Has Announced Super Bowl Locations Up to 2024, Will the World Still Exist by Then?

The NFL has recently released that the Super Bowl will be hosted in Arizona in 2023 and in New Orleans in 2024. I don’t know the number of those Super Bowls because Roman Numerals look hard so I don’t even make an attempt at them. Other future Super Bowls include Miami in 2020, Tampa in 2021, and LA in 2022.

I think it’s ridiculous to go ahead and have these locations announced because there’s a lot that can change before then.

What if the world ended due to some meteoroids or something cool like that?

What if I’m dead by then and this information didn’t help me in my life?

What if football is canceled because we hurt our heads when we hit each other hard?

I get that it’s important to know where the Super Bowl is beforehand to allow for proper planning and shit. But 6 years in advance sounds kind of extreme.

Maybe let the cities and other NFL teams know where the game will be like three years in advance so they can begin planning on how they’re going to host the event. But maybe keep the information withheld from the NFL fans so it seems a lot cooler when they find out they’re hosting the Super Bowl that year. Just doesn’t mean as much when they find out 6 years in advance.

Angry man yells at cloud.



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