Should We Let Baseball Players Juice Up?

The steroid era in baseball is one that the game just kind of tries to sweep under the rug. Players were juicing up like crazy and doing so allowed them to knock the absolute shit out of the ball, and it without a doubt injected some life into the game. Baseball had lost a lot of fans after the 1994 strike, and those homerun races without a doubt brought back some of those fans.

Steroids helped us create some of the coolest moments in sports history. We got to see McGwire hit 70 homeruns in a season ( We got to see Sammy give that little jump after cranking every no doubter ( and we got to see the all-time career homerun record be broken by Barry Bonds (

Apparently some pitchers were even using steroids back in the day too (Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens). I’m not sure if it was to get back from injuries faster, but I’m going to assume it was to help them throw it like a million MPH (HARD TO HIT AND EXCITING TO SEE AS A FAN).

Could you imagine the ratings the MLB would get if we had Mike Trout running around on tv out there while he’s all juiced up? The guy would probably play all three outfield positions by himself while hitting .500 with 75+ homeruns.

Imagine going to Yankee Stadium and seeing the Yankees play the Nationals. I’m pretty sure Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Giancarlo Stanton would all combine to hit 20 homeruns in that single game (and Stanton would also have like 3-4 strikeouts).

Would it be morally right to have all these guys put on “that shit”? No. Would the MLB make a shit ton of money while gaining a ton of new fans? Without a doubt. The choice is theirs.


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