Ace’s Picks of the Day: 5/22/2018

Angels -110 @ Blue Jays

I really have no explanation. Just get that tingling feeling in my balls for this game. Pretty even matchup between Garrett Richards and JA Happ, but I prefer the Angels lineup in this battle over the Blue Jays lineup.

Red Sox -235 @ Rays

Loudmouth presents his “No Shit” pick of the day as Chris Sale takes the mound against Tampa Bay. Not much to be made with the odds, but it’s guaranteed money.

Reds +115 vs Pirates

Just so you know, I will absolutely put the Reds in my picks every night because I refuse to bet against my boys. If Pete bet on them every night, then I will too. And Matt Harvey is starting tonight, and the Reds are 2-0 when Harvey gets the start.

Warriors -9 vs Rockets

Absolutely no doubt that the Warriors cover tonight. I don’t know why Vegas does this. If I was making the lines I would just make the Warriors 25 point favorites every night. They’d still cover most of the time. Absolutely unfair what they’ve done to the NBA.


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