I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Much I Hate Big Ben

Everyone has those athletes that they just hate. They could hate them for their off the field issues. They could hate them cause they envy their success. Or they could hate them because they’re a major douche, play for your favorite team’s rival, and always crush your spirit usually twice a year.

If I could fight anyone in this world, not just any athlete, I would want to fight Big Ben. I hate him. I hate that fat face. I hate how he’s such a douche and no one ever calls him out on his shit. I hate that he’s basically a rapist and he’s gotten off with sexual harassment twice. And on top of it all, I hate the fact that he’s won two Super Bowls and has a chance to win a third before he retires.

I just don’t really have anything left to say. The guys just a huge douchebag and the people of Pittsburgh praise him even though he is arguably one of the worst human beings of all-time. If I ever saw him in person I’d probably challenge him and I know he’d decline cause he’d be afraid (rightfully so). But one day, I’ll get my shot and we’ll probably fight on PPV or something.

And yeah he’s in my head, so what? He wouldn’t be if he wasn’t such an awful human being. This is his fault.




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