Brady Not Reporting to Opening of OTAs

As everyone knows by now, Tom Brady will not be at the opening of the Patriot’s Organized Team Activities. The reigning MVP has been taking time off this off-season to spend more time with his family, and will not be at the opening of organized team activities, although he may report later.

There’s no doubt that there’s friction between Belichick and Brady, but that’s not a big deal and I don’t believe it has anything to do with Brady not reporting. I believe that it is just him wanting to spend more time with his family, and he wants to be there for moments that he may have missed in the past due to his football life.

Maybe the decline is about to begin.

Can you really fault the GOAT for wanting to spend time with his family? No. But Brady is a guy that always took these OTAs very seriously, and he viewed them as a chance to start developing chemistry with his receivers so they can be on the same page when the season starts.

Reports say that he has been working out with Edelman and Gronk on their own time though. And realistically, that’s all that matters because I think that might be the only receivers the Patriots have on roster.

I’m sure Brady will be fine, and this upcoming season will do nothing but add to his legacy.


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